Meet The Team


I'm James

A highly motivated, creative and charismatic Wedding Photographer. 

'So What?'

'So is every other wedding photographer I've looked at'

If that's what you're thinking right now, you're probably right.

You're here to find out about me, not read buzzwords pulled from a Linkedin profile or a creative writing board I threw darts at with a blindfold on.

If there's one thing my Girlfriend is always saying other than 'run the hoover round', it's 'Get to the point'

Why me?

I personally think that you don't just want to pay for images, you are paying for an experience. You want that experience to last as long as possible and you want the people you bring along for this amazing journey that culminates in your marriage to be an amazing addition and an enhancement to the energy of your day. You want somebody who is vibrant, confident and outgoing, You want somebody who is funny and friendly, who will give everybody a great impression, who will have a positive, impactful and meaningful interaction with everybody. Somebody who will make you know from the moment you turn up that you've made the right choice.

That's me!

You want somebody who remains calm under pressure, who meets deadlines, who is on time, every time. Who looks the part, carries himself proudly and is confident in large crowds and new surroundings.

That's me!

But on top of all that, You want somebody kind, personable, somebody, who is always contactable if you have any queries. Somebody who for that one special day of yours will make it their life goal to give you the best possible experience so that your day is as magical as you want it to be.

That's me!

2019 was an amazing year for me as a wedding photographer, It was the first year I was able to be a full-time (And profitable!) Wedding Photographer, shooting 52 weddings. 'My hard work has finally paid off' I reminisced with friends at new year, excited for the future and having a well-deserved break after a very high tempo year. But 2020 was an odd year for weddings as we all know! I geared up to start my first big wedding of the year, along came COVID and it was game, set, and match for the wedding industry for just over a year. All of the signs pointed towards failure with repeated lockdowns and virtually no weddings but I took it all in my stride, I streamlined and reorganised a lot of my business so that my customers get an experience even better than it was originally.

As we move forward from 2020 and put the pandemic behind us I am genuinely excited for the future. 

Looking back to my experiences and how I got to where I am today, I'm 34 and I've done a lot in my life, I served 12 years in the British Army alongside some of the finest people I've ever met. I've travelled the world and experienced cultures that have given me an open understanding of the world (Travel is still my favourite thing to do!). I've worked as a professional engineering which gave me the aptitude to do things right and within deadlines and over the course of COVID I downed my cameras and worked for Iceland in a Key-Worker role, often working 12+ hour shifts.

Life, as it does, tests us all, in all of the time I have been self-employed there have only been a few times where it has been so tough that I thought about packing it all in and returning to the stability of a 9-5, certainly 2020 was one of the most trying years of my life. But you know what,

I'm still here, and so are you if you're reading this part.

I'm still here pursuing my dream,

         Let me join you for yours.

                    (TLDR, pick me, I'm amazing)

My Qualifications;

City & Guilds Accredited Programme Workshop Diploma in Portrait and Wedding Photography

City & Guilds Accredited Programme Advanced Workshop Diploma in Portrait and Wedding Photography

City & Guilds Accredited Programme Advanced Workshop Diploma in Digital Manipulation

Level 3 Award in Photography Ofqual 600/9343/2

Level 3 Award in Graphic Design (Pixel-Based Image Manipulation) Ofqual 500/8846/4

Qualified Member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers.


James Robinson

Professional Photographer



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