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Abbie & Jack

"Thank you James, The photographs are wonderful"

Sometimes people don't need to heap praise onto you for you to know you have done a good job.

From the day they booked me we built a good working rapport ahead of their date despite the fact that COVID postponed their date twice we still managed to meet at Keele university (where they met) for a pre wedding shoot;

From the get-go their chemistry infront of a camera was evident I also think that they relaxed around me as I don't approach things forcefully, allowing my couples to settle into natural, comfortable poses, this makes the best photography in my opinion.

The excitement on the day was palpable, almost as if the day was 'finally' here after so much delaying and both Abbie and Jack seemed very excited although a lot calmer than the average couple on their wedding day I must admit.

My favourite image from the day, it was really hard to pick a favourite when so many strong images came from the entire day. None of Abbie & Jacks posing was scripted they were acting the way they usually do as a couple which is lovely when you can capture it.

The preparation area for the bride was very picturesque

Despite their wedding being pushed into October because of all of the restrictions, we ended up with a beautiful Autumn day which really compliments the rustic theme of The Ashes Barns, I couldn't be happier with the way the images turned out.

Enjoying a stroll together before the wedding breakfast.

Another of my favourite images from the day, Weddings this late into the year really allow you to have a play around at night with other lighting and effects that you cant achieve in the summer.

If you're getting married in the darker months, sparklers are a must!

Professional Wedding Photography

If you like my work and you think we would be a good fit, please do not hesitate to get in touch, My full-day package is from £695 depending on the time of year you get married, I also have a smaller range of packages to suit all budgets and levels of coverage.

James Robinson

Adept Imagery

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